AGEISS and IDEALS Receive Nunn-Perry Award

AGEISS and IDEALS, inc., our first DoD protégé, received a Nunn-Perry Award for outstanding mentor-protégé performance. AGEISS and IDEALS were recognized for our commitment to the success of the Army Mentor-Protégé Program. We pursued and won contracts to establish IDEALS as a valuable resource to DoD in the environmental services market.

We collaborated to develop a GIS-based technology that benefits warfighters by helping DoD installations sustain their training missions. The program helped IDEALS expand its engineering, environmental, and construction business into the environmental planning market.

AGEISS provided expertise in military land use, installation planning, and multi-component decision analysis. AGEISS and IDEALS partnered with New Mexico State University to obtain GIS support and training. IDEALS applied its experience with land use planning, zoning, and development. We piloted the new technology at White Sands Missile Range, near IDEALS’ offices and the NMSU campus in Las Cruces, NM. The installation provided a valuable on-the-job technical development opportunity.