AGEISS Partners with SpecPro Professional Services for Air Force BRAC Support

AGEISS is partnering with SpecPro Professional Services (SPS) to offer management and professional services to the U.S. Air Force BRAC Program Management Division. Our team will continue the BRAC program support that AGEISS has maintained at former Loring, Pease, and Wurtsmith AFBs for several years.

AGEISS helped the Air Force with property assessment, environmental restoration, and regulatory compliance to make these properties ready for transfer. Host communities are using the land and infrastructure for new industrial, commercial, and residential redevelopment. Some acreage has been set aside in new national wildlife refuges.

AGEISS and SPS will continue a wide range of services: programming, financial management, procurement support, environmental restoration management, and stakeholder communications. Our companies are working together to deliver these and other professional services to government agencies nationwide.