AGEISS has provided more than $250 million in engineering and environmental services to federal agencies nationwide and overseas. Since our founding in 1988, AGEISS has expanded our capabilities to support nearly every facet of federal facility missions and operations.

AGEISS stays in front of our clients’ changing needs. We help our clients meet new demands for efficiency, environmental sustainability, and readiness in the context of a changing world. We have diversified our core competencies to include:

The AGEISS leadership team encompasses the entire AGEISS organization. All employees help move the company forward with the following core values:

  • Place people first – Respect and take care of each other, and as a team take care of our clients.
  • Act with integrity – Be honest, trustworthy, and straightforward in all that we do.
  • Deliver quality – Provide expert, responsive, and high-quality services to every client every time. Add value and always act in the best interests of our clients and the environment.
  • Embrace change – Be flexible and prepared to embrace our clients’ changing missions, goals, and objectives. Provide the expertise they need to be successful in any new direction.
  • Strive for continuous improvement– Strive to continuously improve everything we do.
With principled leadership at all levels of our organization, AGEISS maintains the following record of safe, environmentally sound operations in our offices and at our client sites:

  • No environmentally reportable incidents in the company’s history
  • No OSHA reportable accidents in the company’s history
AGEISS is a woman-owned and operated small business under these NAICS codes:

  • 541330 Engineering Services, Exceptions a-c
  • 541712 Research and Development
  • 561210 Facilities Support Services
  • 562910 Environmental Remediation Services

Women currently fill 70 percent of the senior management positions in the AGEISS organization.

Other AGEISS NAICS codes.

Donna Lawrence
Ms. Lawrence began her career managing environmental restoration programs for major consulting firms. In 1988 she co-founded AGEISS and began building and directing highly effective technical teams to plan and carry out environmental, energy, and regulatory compliance initiatives for the Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and other federal, state, and local government agencies. Under her leadership, AGEISS established a reputation for responsive service and technical quality that have earned decades of client loyalty from military and civilian agencies nationwide.

Ms. Lawrence designed and oversaw deployment of AGEISS’ safety, quality, project controls, and financial management systems. This corporate infrastructure has supported the company’s responsiveness, efficiency, and growth during performance of more than $250M in government contracts. She maintains the efficiency of our operations as we continue double-digit growth through expansion of our technical capabilities and diversification of our client base.

Jeff Lawrence
Mr. Lawrence is the corporate sponsor for AGEISS’ major contracts. He maintains communication with our clients and customers to proactively align our capabilities with their objectives, expectations, and changing needs. He provides in-depth knowledge of dozens of military and civilian agencies, and their mission requirements, constituencies, opportunities, and constraints.

As AGEISS’ co-founder, Mr. Lawrence has shaped the company’s culture of employee empowerment and responsiveness from the beginning. He has helped develop highly qualified, motivated, and effective project management and technical teams who pursue client objectives and achieve project goals with enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance. He has championed the ability of independent, high-quality professional services firms to accomplish technically challenging assignments with the flexibility and efficiency inherent in a streamlined corporate structure.

Susan Walker, PhD
Vice President
Dr. Walker joined AGEISS in 1995 and assumed responsibility for further developing AGEISS’ technical, safety, and quality programs. She has built integrated teams of technical specialists who address critical energy, environmental, regulatory compliance, planning, facility operations, and other professional services needs for government agencies worldwide. She has overseen AGEISS’ flawless safety and quality performance, with no reportable safety or regulatory compliance issues in the company’s history.

With experience managing a multidisciplinary research laboratory, she provides expertise in issues related to human health and ecology. She has also spearheaded AGEISS’ planning support for all aspects of military and civilian agency operations. Using her research and analytical background, she advises on management and technical approaches that produce conclusive outcomes.

Ted Richan, PgMP
Director of Corporate Development
Mr. Richan has served Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments, and federal agencies including the Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, and Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has led the conceptualization and implementation of programs to improve facility and land management, operational strategies, decision support, and information technology. He has managed federal agency decision analysis, facilitating groups of policy makers, technical experts, and stakeholders to design and achieve organizational transformation.

Mr. Richan leads AGEISS’ growth strategy and technical delivery. He oversees business development related to energy, environment, infrastructure, land management, and technology initiatives for government agencies. He is responsible for enhancing AGEISS technical capabilities to better serve our current and future client needs.

AGEISS is a Wyoming-based company with branch offices in Lakewood CO, Washington DC, San Antonio TX, and Seattle WA, and additional locations worldwide. AGEISS has completed projects for more than 30 federal agencies. We have served 392 federal sites in 53 states and territories, Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Pacific Rim.